This is an opportunity for me to show my gratitude to all people of good hope who have committed a part of themselves to the cause of establishing this Foundation, and have in any other way been of assistance to me.

A special thanks goes to Branko, 9A7YY & Charles, M0OXO & Marcel, ON9CMR & Bozo, 9A6AJ &
Roger, F5PIQ & Steve, G0SGB & Marijan, 9A7ZZ & Miodrag Maricic & D T S - Vjekoslav Strah &
Jean-Pierre Lehembre, F6FNA

I especially wish to thank all the members of ARLHS with ARLHS Chairperson, Jim, K2JXW first and foremost. He was the one who helped out with sound advice in many a tedious spot.
Then there is Ted, W8TTS, the ARLHS Lighthouse List Manager, who rendered indispensable aid in drawing up the TWLH list.

Founder & President of TWLHF
            Kresimir 9A7K