The Diploma is granted in the following categories: CW / Phone / RTTY / Mixed. All connections on HF / SW are eligible including WARC bands. A 50 MHz / 6 m is also granted.

Connections where assistance was needed are not eligible: relay station, satellite, packet radio or telephone.

This is a three (3) stage Diploma compiled of :
1) A basic diploma - BASIC Class I - 3 different lighthouses from the TWLH list
II - 2 different lighthouses from the TWLH list
2) Medal: 5 different lighthouses from the TWLH list
3) Trophy: 10 different lighthouses from the TWLH list.

In order to receive the Diploma all connections made since 1 st January 2000 from any lighthouse, under whatever referential sign (either CLH & ARLH & LH or WLH reference) found on the TWLH list are recognised / accepted.

The Diploma is available to all receiving (SWL) radio amateurs under the same conditions existing for licensed operators.

           The price of the TWLHD-basic diploma is 5 €.
           The price of the TWLHD medal is 15 €.
           The price of the TWLHD Trophy is 30 €.

Applicants for the various diplomas must have a QSL card, but these do not have to be sent in for inspection. It is enough to send in the “Diplom - Application form” with a list of certified lighthouses from the TWLH list, arranged alphabetically and numerically, together with all the information about each and every connection with the QSL card, the referential sign of the lighthouse under which it was made (CLH & ARLH & LH or WLH), the lighthouse's name, position, stop sign, date, time, band, rapport and mode of operation.