Expeditions or individuals going to a specific lighthouse must notify the diploma manger or the authorised checkpoint of their intention, if they want this activity to be recognised for the granting of a diploma or a trophy.

In order for an expedition to a lighthouse to be recognised, the animators must fulfil the following conditions :

         •  Connections must be made from the lighthouse itself or from its immediate vicinity
         •  A photograph on which all the operators participating in the expedition are visible must be sent in.
         •  An “Expeditions data file” must be sent in completed fully with all the required data.

The activator or a number of activator are obliged to send in all that is required by the TWLHD manager or checkpoint three months after the expedition's completion at the latest (the animator may send in scanned pictures via e-mail instead of the photograph mentioned earlier).

The “Expeditions data file” forms are available at the TWLHD's manager, checkpoint for the allotted entity, TWLHD Management's members, and can be downloaded from the TWLHF web site.

Should the animator or a number of animators fail to send in the required data within the prescribed time period, then the expedition shall not be recognised nor their activity. For radio amateures, lighthouse hunters, connections made during the expedition will be recognised as valid for the TWLHD if they possess a QSL activator card.

Should the diploma manager evaluate that some of the animators & activators do not fulfil the required regulated conditions for a diploma; in that case the manager may disqualify the expedition.

The same applies when the animator does not follow the ham spirit rules.

Every activator & animator is obliged to answer all received QSL cards.

Activators & animators can win a diploma or medal in the following categories: CW / Phone / RTTY / Mixed. All connections on HF / SW are eligible including WARC fields. A diploma for 50 MHz / 6 m is also granted.

         1) TWLHD – basic: Activating 3 different lighthouses from the TWLH-list

         2) Bronze medal: Activating 5 different lighthouses from the TWLH-list

         3) Silver medal: Activating 8 different lighthouses from the TWLH-list

         4) Gold medal: Activating 10 different lighthouses from the TWLH-list

The fee for TWLHD-basic for the activators is 5 € .
The fee per TWLHD medal for the activators is 15 € .