In connection to radio amateur activities, the Foundation shall grant, under
certain conditions, two diplomas: “The World Light-House Diplom Basic”, and
“The World Light-House Diplom Excellence”.

          All activity concerning the granting of these diplomas shall be conducted by the 'The World Light-House Diplom Management Committee'' . TWLHD management consists of all the members of the TWLHF Executive Committee,
all the TWLHD checkpoints and the chairperson of the TWLHD Contest Committee.

TWLH Foundation will organise an annual TWLHD worldwide contest. The Contest will be conducted by the TWLHD Contest Committee made up of 3 members, these being:
     1.TWLHD Contest Committee President
     2.TWLHD Contest Manager
     3.TWLHD Contest Committee member

The TWLHF shall grant a special annual reward – a Trophy – to the best animator and a Trophy for the DXCC – entity with the greatest number of conducted expeditions to lighthouses from the TWLH list. The Trophy shall be free of charge for the best animator and the most active entity.

TWLHD-lighthouse list is valid for being granted the diploma and is compiled in accordance with regulations set down by the TWLHF Management Committee.

Every lighthouse entered on the TWLH-list has its referential sign beginning with the WLH prefix, DXCC entity and an ordinal number – 001; WLH 9A-001, etc.

An applicant for any particular diploma from the TWLHD programme must make all his/her connections from the same DXCC entity. If the applicant used various call signs, he/she must provide evidence that these were his/hers and that, at the time these were made, he/she was a licensed operator.

Applicants for the various diplomas must have a QSL card, but these do not have to be sent in for inspection. It is enough to send in the “Application form” with a list of certified lighthouses from the TWLH list, arranged alphabetically and numerically, together with all the information about each and every connection with the QSL card, the referential sign of the lighthouse under which it was made (CLH & ARLH & LH or WLH), the lighthouse's name, position, stop sign, date, time, band, rapport and mode of operation.

The “Application form” papers are available from the TWLHD's manager, checkpoint for an entity that you have been alloted to, TWLHD Management members, as well as at the TWLHF web site.

TWLH Diplomas are available to all receiving (SWL) radio amateurs under the same conditions existing for licensed operators.

TWLHD – basic is available for animators, radio amateurs operating with particular lighthouses, but under the supposition that the TWLHD Manager verifies their expeditions.

For certain entities, TWLHD checkpoints will be established and these will be entitled to check and verify applications for diplomas, and approval of the “Expeditions data file” kept by the animator.

Decisions made by the TWLHF Executive Committee shall be final in all points concerning the granting of diplomas.

All applications for diplomas need to be sent exclusively to the authorised checkpoint for a particular DXCC entity. After the applications are reviewed and verified at the checkpoint, notification is sent to the TWLHD manager.

If, for a certain entity, no checkpoint has been assigned, the applicant shall send the application direct to the TWLHD Manager.

TWLHD manager or checkpoint may request a review of all suspicious QSL-cards. QSL cards found under this request need to be sent to the manager or checkpoint immediately (within a month's time at the latest). Should these steps not be undertaken when suspicion of irregularity be at hand, then the manager or checkpoint have the right to disqualify any and every application for a diploma.

 TWLHD manager is Kresimir Juratovic 9A7K   
                                    P.O.Box - 88    
                                    HR-48001 Koprivnica   
                                    C R O A T I A

Checkpoint-controller may add his/her expenditures for resolving applications, including postage costs, but only to a maximum of 1 (one) € or 1 IRC-slip.

All information about diplomas is available at the allotted checkpoints, TWLHD manager, TWLHD Management Members or at the TWLHF web site : .

A list of all diploma, medals and trophies winners will be publicised at the TWLHF web site on a monthly basis.

TWLH Foundation's Executive Committee's and the TWLHD Management's address is:

By post mail : P.O.Box - 88, HR-48001 Koprivnica, Croatia
By e-mail :

The Diploma designers and TWLHD Management retain the right to modify and rectify certain articles and conditions.

The designer retains all copyrights of the TWLH diplomas.