TWLHF was founded by Kresimir 9A7K, Branko 9A6BND, Marijan 9A7ZZ, and Charles M3ZYZ, all four of them great admirers of lighthouses.
The founders of the foundation themselves are interconnected and are great friends and radio amateurs.

          The Foundation is represented and managed by the Chairperson of the Foundation, who is aided in his/her responsibilities by the Foundation's Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee of TWLHF consists of a chairperson, two vice-presidents, a TWLHD manager and three to five additional Committee members.

The aim of this Foundation is to enumerate the grave importance lighthouses have in maritime navigation, as well as to designate the self sacrifice made by lighthouse keepers whilst at their stations, very often under impossible and sometimes perilous conditions.                                                                                                

This Foundation intends to operate as a radio amateur Foundation, as well. Its goal is to maintain radio connections from the lighthouses themselves or in their immediate vicinity and to act as an Foundation for all people of good will from around the world who relish a great love for lighthouses. Apart from radio amateur activities, the Foundation will indulge in the popularisation of trips to lighthouses both in Croatia and Europe , as well as all over the world.

All lighthouse fans from around the globe who wish to become members of this Foundation can do so, independent of their being radio amateurs or not. All those who decide to become members of this Foundation shall receive ''The World Light-House Foundation Membership Diplom'', a membership diploma presented under certain conditions, with a member's serial number.

The names ''The World Light-House Foundation'' and ''The World Light-House Diplom'' are registered and copyright protected in accordance with valid Croatian laws.