Warning French WLH LOTA decision
Everething written on WLH LOTA web page is not true,
it came from imagination from Phill F5OGG.

The real true you can read here below.

 As we are all witnesses of untruth words, lies, bad sentences of Presidnet of French WLH LOTA, Phil F5OGG, The Executive Committee of The World Light House Foundation, has made the following decision, in order to let the whole world radio amateur community know about all bad acts, blies made by Phil F5OGG himself.

         The members have properly checked over 200 different e-mails where they have seen all bad acts, lies about closest colleagues in the French WLH LOTA programme, than they investigated the so called forged picture from one Dxpedition where F5OGG wrote a lot of lies about a meritorous Croatian radio amateur.

         The Executive Committee of The World Light House Foundation have realized that F5OGG during his 13 day stay in Croatia was staying without any penny in his pocket and only a few monthsafter the expedition was ended he payed 260 EUR, although the whole 13 day expedition's expenses where more than 1400 EUR.

         It has been seen that in e-mail conversation F5OGG promissed that WLH LOTA would be sponsor for all QSL cards in whole for the expedition where he also took part. But later it has come to a fact that these were all lies. 4000 QSL cards in full colour in 4 pages (folded), and for those it has been payed 350 EUR, and after some mails followed and Phil payed only 100 EUR which is one of all of his criminal act.

         Also Phill broke the French positive law by the decision when he incorporated by his own will two Croatian radio amteurs into the WLH checkpoints and country assistant and into the WLH HQ. French law says that foreign people can not be members of French organizations, which is one of a lot of crtiminal act made by F5OGG during last periode.

         Every good propositions could not have had success if it has been made by anyone except F5OGG. Everyone who brought any propostion only in order to make benefit for the WLH was pulled out of the WLH and F5OGG wrote bad words and lies about the person. Every such act on his skinn experienced W9DC, DE0MST, F5SKJ, 9A6AA,
F5LRC and 9A7K.

        F5OGG has not only wanted to make harm to the 9A7K. Kresimir, 9A7K got severeal repeated telephone calls in the evening and night hours. Several repated telephone calls. The Executive Committee of The World Light House Foundation has received a print out of telephone calls to 9A7K home telephone number and it was realized that all the call were made from one telephone number in French. It was seen that it was F5OGG's home telephone number.
The most horrible is that 9A7K's little daughters got afraid of this telephone calls and they could not have fall a sleep a few days after the day when F5OGG made those bad things.

        The Executive Committee of The World Light House Foundation in order that you yourselves become witnesses
of this claims has decided to publish on the official web page here below the following mails.

         Since there are too many mails, the Executive Committee of The World Light House Foundation decided only to take here a few most representative of these e-mails.

All concerning Phil's stay in Croatia as well as the expenses of the expedition you can see in the followinfg text below.

----- Original Message ----- From: Kresimir Juratovic To: bulletin@wlh-award.com Cc: WLH - award ; f5skj - Bruno ; Norby - LX1NO ; YUKI - JI6KVR ; 9A3Z ; DL2VFR-Rick ; Alfredo - IK7JWX ; OM3JW-Stefan ; RV3GW-Albert ; Eugene - RZ3EC ; W9DC - Don ; WC6DX-Will ; F6DGT - Guy ; F6IFC - Chris ; SM3TLG ; Thierry Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 10:23 PM Subject: WLH games by Phil

Dear WLH friends, you are yourselves witnesses what can happen to a person that only wants improvement and work for the benefit of the WLH if one's opinion is not the same as the Phil's opinion....................etc.......

Phil was in Croatia (including the day of arrival and departure) 13 days. 13 days with no money.
Could you believe that???
Here is how much money I spent during my Apocalypse with Phil. - car transport (2500 kilometres, fuel and oil) - 200 EUR - road fee, parking cards for the stay of car at seaside while we were on the LH's - 100 EUR - cards for the ferry - 100 EUR - transport by motor boat (gliser), Vis - Susac - Palagruza - Vis - 400 EUR - rent a boat for Daksa, Grebeni, Sveti Andrija - 100 EUR - rent a boat for Barjak M/V - 50 EUR - rent a boat for Host - 50 EUR - rent a boat for Prisnjak - 50 EUR - rent a boat for Mulo - 50 EUR - 20 gift packages for LH keepers and for people who gratned opur stay on LH's staying ovver night at LH's - 250 EUR - lunch packages, water - 100 EUR - food in restaurant, fast food - cca 100 EUR which is in total aproximately 1300 EUR. At the end i printed 4000 QSL cards, full coloured, folded with many LH's pictures. The price is 300 EUR. In total my last year adventure with F5OGG costs are cca 1600 Eura. I think it is a great amount of money that I spent on WLH. Personally I received 350 EUR from Phil. He said, it was for his participation in expedition. I also received 10,50 EUR that Boro, 9A3KB, sent to me as the checkopoint for the medal and Phil told me that I keep that money as Phil's part for our expedition. Now I cannot understand Phil when he mentions 100 EUR for the expedition. His 100 EUR: His private 100 EUR. Does it mean that the rest of 260,50 EUR is the WLH's money that Phil spent for his Croatia trip??? All the money (1600 EUR), that is what I invested in WLH. Now I understand why there is now money for WLH Convention in 9A. Or it is the problem that the prices for the convention are to low and Phil could'n put some money from the convention participants for himself. I repeat the prices for the participants in 9A should have been half of the price than in France in 2003. It was my duty to write the real truth. If necessary, I will add some more details what Phil has done to my friends in 9A..................etc..............etc..........

73 Kresimir, 9A7K


Criminal acts regarding braking French positive laws you can read in the following chapter.

----- Original Message ----- From: World Lighthouse Award To: Denis Vincek Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2003 2:39 PM Subject: Re: Suggestion
Hello my very good friends, Ok for the WLH Contest Committee. Sorry but I have not in France good OMs for inside the WLH Committee contest. But I think you can put inside the WLH HQ (not each members but only WLH HQ as one people) . But you have your last decision, and your decision is Ok for us:
- 9A3Z WLH Contest President, also WLH HQ member......
- 9A7K WLH Contest Vice President.....also WLH HQ member..........
And another OMs that you need (but not 9A6AA)..................

Best 73's from your friends Phil - F5OGG

In a message sent to all (F 17511-Thierry < quere_thierry@yahoo.fr >; SM3TLG < sm3tlg@telia.com >; F6IFC - Chris < f6ifc@libertysurf.fr >; WC6DX-Will < WC6DX@aol.com >; W9DC-Don < Don@W9DC.com >; RZ3EC-Eugène < rz3ec@yandex.ru >; RV3GW-Albert < rv3gw@lipetsk.ru >; OM3JW-Stefan < om3jw@konektel.sk >; IK7JWX-Alfredo < ik7jwx2003@yahoo.it >; DL2VFR-Rick < dl2vfr@darc.de >; 9A3Z-Denis < dvincek@hamradio.hr >; JI6KVR-Yuki < ji6kvr@orange.ocn.ne.jp >; F6DGT - Guy < f6dgt@free.fr >; Kresimir Juratovic < kresimir.juratovic@kc.htnet.hr >) on 9 November 2003 at 2348,

By this message, I inform you that Kresimir 9A7K and Denis 9A3Z are members
of WLH HQ.
The function of Denis 9A3Z : WLH HQ Member - President of the WLH Contest
The Function of Kresimir 9A7K : WLH HQ Member - WLH Contest Manager.

I'm very happy that these 2 OMs are in the WLH Management Committee because
they are 2 goods OMs...............


In order to see what F5OGG thinks about his closes colleagues you can read in the following e-mails that Phil personally wrote and sent out.

----- Original Message ----- From: WLH Award - Management Committee To: Denis Vincek ; Kresimir Juratovic Sent: Saturday, May 10, 2003 2:01 PM Subject: Re: Hello

Kresimir, Distressed for the delay in the reply but I no longer take messages often on the E-mail wlha@free.fr .
Here we think that there is a snake to three heads : DE0MST, W9DC and 9A6AA.
Today I limit messages with Don and Freddy and for 9A6AA I do not reply to these messages.
9A2AA has sent its file by 9A3Z and I think that Denis will receive now files as you. There is only 9A6AA that obligatory pass by DE0MST.
I will make a development during of a meeting in your presence and with denis.
All my best 73's Kresimir.
Phil - F5OGG
----- Original Message ----- From: "World Lighthouse Award" < wlha@free.fr > To: "9A7K-Kresimir" < kresimir.juratovic@kc.tel.hr >; "Denis Vincek" < dvincek@hamradio.hr > Cc: < f5skj@free.fr > Sent: Monday, July 07, 2003 3:48 PM Subject: Thanks
> Dear friends,
> Don't worry (be happy !). This is not a clown that is going to destroy a
> great friendship. It concerns the last cartridges of Emir. More he
> discredits me and then accepts my expeditions on Croatia islands (for me
> 9A6AA is a big clown !)..............

Best friendships from Phil - F5OGG
----- Original Message ----- From: "World Lighthouse Award" To:"9A7K-Kresimir" < kresimir.juratovic@kc.tel.hr >; "9A3Z-Denis" < dvincek@hamradio.hr >; Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 11:46 PM Subject: WLH HQ and WLH Award
> Reconstruction of the WLH HQ :
> As you know, Bruno F5SKJ has been brutally obliged to leave the WLH HQ as
> well as all functions and other activities. It concerns personal reasons
> that I do not wish to reveal.
> Know simply that in this test, I remain to these sides.............etc....
> Some what concerns me, it is my last come back (and if new problem I go out
> the WLH and WLH will shut down) and as soon as a message will not be in
> conformity with the regulation of the WLH, I will forward this message
> directly to the WLH Mediator. As anticipated to the regulation, the decision
> will be definitive and without call.
> 73's - Phil - F5OGG

----- Original Message -----

From: "World Lighthouse Award" < wlha@free.fr > To: "Kresimir Juratovic" < kresimir.juratovic@kc.htnet.hr >Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2003 11:17 PM Subject: Re: Correction
> Kresimir,
> I had noted the name by removing what we had spoken but Bruno the Mediator
> wishes that the name of the written lighthouse in books is respected. It is
> in order that I have resumed the name in books of the SHOM. I do not think
> that is a large problem for the moment. In some times I will remake a demand
> to Bruno for the modification.
> For the Gold medal of 9A6BND, I have voluntarily not put this announcement
> in the bulletin because I wish to put it in the next Bulletin WLH of end
> July. The reason is that 9A6BND been again to the honor in the Bulletin WLH
> (on 2 bulletins). Of more I do not think that there will be an attribution
> of medal other that Branko in July .
> I have not forgotten this medal and the manufacture is under way at this
> time .
> Here everyone is fine. I have new receipt a message of 9A6AA asking me to
> speak him in Croatian because he does not understand English !!! It is truly
> disturb this OM !!!  I think that he would be perfected for a study for the
> young physicians again to school.


> I have realized an expedition on LH 2001 with Bruno last week end. 400 qsos
> only but the propagation was not favorable. I think to make some one again
> in few time that will be a new one.
> SEE YOU SOON my friend.
> Phil - F5OGG


----- Original Message ----- From: "F5OGG" < f5ogg@free.fr > To: "Thierry-pro" < adslanderneau@free.fr >; "9A3Z-Denis" < dvincek@hamradio.hr >; "F5SKJ-Bruno" < f5skj@free.fr >; "F6DGT-Guy" < f6dgt@free.fr >; "LX1NO - Norby" < santamaria@pt.lu >; "WC6DX-Will" < WC6DX@aol.com >; "W9DC-Don" < Don@W9DC.com >; "RZ3EC-Eugène" < rz3ec@yandex.ru >; "RV3GW-Albert" < rv3gw@lipetsk.ru >; "OM3JW-Stefan" < om3jw@konektel.sk >; "IK7JWX-Alfredo" < ik7jwx2003@yahoo.it >; "DL2VFR-Rick" < dl2vfr@darc.de >; "9A7K-Kresimir" < kresimir.juratovic@kc.tel.hr >; "SM3TLG" < sm3tlg@telia.com >; "F5LRC_Bernard" < F5LRC@wanadoo.fr > Cc: "F5UBH" < F5UBH@wanadoo.fr > Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2003 4:22 AMSubject: Demission

Dear friends,
> I you shapeless that I am too often at odds with the WLH Mediator. Even also
> of our association I am jealousy by OMS that have not often made their clean
> work.
> Who has work for the WLH Award since 1997 ?
> It concerns 3 OMS :
> F6DGT 82 years old, F17511 "36 years old and F5OGG 42 years old. These 3 OMS
> have been devoted since 1997 without counting hours but to this day it is an
> observation to see that the WLH Manager is  criticized  all  sides. Each
> wants to make what he wants and not to respect the WLH regulation.
> F5LRC and F5SKJ are harmful OMS but unfortunately are more destructive than
> constructive.
> I can not therefore continue to to be criticized and humiliated by these 2
> OMS.


> I take therefore the decision to resign this day of the WLH Award.
> You will want well to send your messages directly to Bernard F5LRC :
> f5lrc@wanadoo.fr and Bruno F5SKJ : f5skj@free.fr that take tends some the
> WLH award.
> Thank you of your confidence during these 6 years.
> Best 73' from Phil - F5OGG


Concerning the forging of picture from one Dxpedition by F5OGG you can read and see in the following sentences.

---- Original Message ----- From: "World Lighthouse Award" < wlha@free.fr >To:"Emir,9A6AA";
Cc: "DL2VFR-Rick" < dl2vfr@darc.de >; "DE0MST-Fredy" < fresti@t-online.de >; "RZ3EC-Eugène" < rz3ec@yandex.ru >;"W9DC-Don" < Don@W9DC.com >;Sent: Monday, May 19, 2003 12:03 AM
Subject: Re: explanation

In your message and message of 9A6AA, you accuse me to modify photographs.
I see also Freddy that as to each time you send messages against me also to others OMS.
This is intolerable.
receive from 9A6AA or 9A3KB and take also on the web site of 9A6AA.

I takegood notes Freddy your hatred against me and I think that it is going to be necessary to put a term to this problem
I do not see whay you are against me.
I suspend therefore all photographs that will be in source of the expedition concerning 9A6AA because they are subject
to the falshe.
How and why want you that I put false photographs.
You work to destroy the WLH by such acts.
Since the photograph is false therefore the expedition is also !
I telephone to the mediator and to the WLH President in order that they pulls this expedition of expeditions accepted
by the WLH.
Me I am not a forger but if you think it then we have to pull some conclusions.
The WLH no longer will accept messages of 9A6AA and they will be destroyed without no perusal.
I send to you all pictures that I had receive or I have taken on 9A6AA web site !
Please do not answer at this message but only to the WLH Mediator.

I have to be fed up with these bullshit...

Now 9A6AA my obligatory to respect the decision of sending only his information or request to WLH validation expedition by YOU. You will be verify all pictures from 9A6AA.

I cannot come in 2004 to your meeting because you don't like me.
It is not a problem for me !


            Dear visitors of this web page, we sincerely do hope that you have, by reading all of this e-mails, realized that F5OGG is a man who is ready to make harm to his best and closest colleagus, only to be the best for him and that he makes for him self financial and avery other benefit.

            DECISION : ''The World Light House Foundation warns the visitors that QSO's which have been held by F5OGG are not valid for the neiteher diplom from The World Light House Diplom''.

            The World Light House Foundation is the honest organization and has nothing in common with untruths and act against the law which have been made in the French WLH.

            We kindly ask every visitor of this web page that about the facts mentioned here let know all of their friends.

The World Light House Foundation Executive Committee