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This foundation was established as a result of great appreciation for lighthouses and lighthouse keepers of whom there are ever fewer in the world.

All people of good will from any part of the world can become members of this foundation, independent of whether they are radio amateurs or not.

TWLHF will closely cooperate with associations of similar stand, attitude and interests by assisting and honouring one another as equal partners connected amicably and by a mutual love of lighthouses.

Founder & President of TWLHF
Kresimir Juratovic, 9A7K

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''The real true about
French WLH LOTA''

Bernd DL2DXA is a new
TWLHD Excellence award winner

The World Light House
by Jean-Pierre
Lehembre, F6FNA

TWLHD-Basic award winner
TWLHD Excellence 100 sticker
Bronius LY1CM
Bernd DL2DXA

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